What to expect and how to care for your new desgin


You've just gotten a fantastic Henna tattoo. In order to get the strongest stain results with the most longevity there are a few tricks of the trade that can seal and protect your henna to ensure its beauty for weeks to come.  The color of your henna stain will vary depending on location, the length of time that the paste was allowed to stay on the skin, your personal body chemistry, and on the aftercare you choose to employ.  Your henna will fade as your skin exfoliates; prenatal henna in particular tends fade more quickly as your belly stretches to accommodate for your growing baby.

Fresh Henna Paste  was applied onto the skin; application lasted approx. 8 hrs.


  • Be gentle with the henna paste, it’s fragile and flakes off easily.

  • Keep warm to help the henna dye darken.

  • For the darkest stain leave the paste on as long as possible, 4-8 hours or even overnight for best color.

Fresh Henna Stain just after removal. It will be bright orange like a pumpkin. 

Removing the paste

  • Flake off the paste. If the paste is hard to remove, use a paper towel and lemon juice or vegetable oil to gently rub off the henna paste.

  • Your new design will be a light orange color when the paste is first removed. Over the next 2 days the dye will oxidize and the stain will become darker and richer in color.

24 hr Henna Stain is half way into the oxidation process.
48 hours the stain will grow even darker and more rich in color


  • Protect the design, coat the area with a layer of vegetable oil before getting wet.

  • Soaking in water, shaving, and the rubbing of clothing and shoes causes the design to fade more quickly.


  • The duration of the stain and depth of color depend on the area of body and length of time the paste remained on your skin. 

  • Henna will produce the best stains on hands and feet.


Mehndi generally lasts 7 to 10 days.


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